Mobi-Lens Combo Pack – Triple Smart Lens Kit [Choose Your Color]



Product Description

Fisheye Lens – An ultra-wide angle lens with a circular frame.

Wide Lens- A smaller focal length, allows more of a scene to be captured within a shot.

Macro Lens- Allows for close-up ‘microscopic’ angle, not visible to our smart phones and tablets.

*(The wide lens is paired with the macro — just screw off the top of the wide angle to unleash the macro power beneath!)

Mobi-Lens is designed to work with current smartphones, tablets and laptop cams. Front or back camera. Our universal design will outlast your smart devices and work on your future upgrades!

  • Easy on/easy off polarizing filter
  • Filters out glare and makes colors livelier
  • No cheap ring with adhesive to stick to your mobile device
  • Clips on without requiring a case or mount
  • Works on all mobile devices with the camera lens within half an inch of the edge
  • Silicone grip to hold tight and protect the mobile device
  • Use it in video mode too