Roots Run Deep.

Established 2012 in Los Angeles, Mobi-Lens is 100% designed in USA.
With standing the tells of time, Mobi-Lens was created in 2012 and has worked with all released smart phones and tablets since.


‘Mobile’+Lens’ = MobiLens

Our true clip design is the only universal smart lens that works on front or back camera, regardless on the device.
Mobi-Lens is designed to work with smartphones, tablets, and laptop cams.

Quality Materials

Laser cut glass, aluminum housing, silicone padding, sleek design, Mobi-Lens is engineered with a true clip fit, working on both the front and back camera eye on any smartphone or tablet.

Smart Products For Smart Consumers

Our only focus is to create products that help fix the small inconveniences with our gadgets. We strive to design products that will work with all your smart devices.
We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to chat with us or send us an e-mail.